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It’s time to channel that dormant little shithead in all of us. We all have an impish bastard buried beneath the mire of office chairs, alcohol abuse, multiple choice questions and workforce malaise. Their cries of disbelief at the severe difficulty of LEVEL ONE, the entire dollar they had to pay for the added immersion […]

Dude, I am so amped to hit those primo heavies at the pipeline! I’m gonna hit that barrel hard, ya know, get right up in that tube action and shoot the curl! This is the heathen dialect of my most hated of “extreme” sub-cultures, the ungodly surfer. Part frat boy, part slacker, and all annoying, […]

I know its cliche, I know you’ve probably heard it already, but I LOVE this song. The moon level theme from Ducktales symbolizes everything thats warm and fuzzy about the nes era, simpler times of yore when we didn’t know of ‘facebook’ or ‘google’ and all we had at our disposal was wit and possibly […]

It seems that nearly everyone i’ve met who fits into the category of “hardcore gamer” (whatever that means) is quite privy to playing SHMUPS, or “shoot em ups” for the uninitiated. I’ve never really been a fan of the genre, but it’s popularity dates all the way back to coin-op classics Space Invaders and Galaga, […]

One of the bi-products of our technology-driven, consumer based society is the so-called rip off, a service or product that owes its ideas and presentation to something that came before it, whether unintentionally, or much more likely, intentionally with plans to distribute. This is common place today, especially in places like China that have such […]

Hello and thanks for checking out the “official” blog for the Pixel Dreams podcast! I don’t know how you got here, maybe you found us randomly, maybe you’re looking at this in the future after we’ve reached the pinnacle of internet retro video gaming podcast fame (retronauts anyone?). Regardless, in this first post i’d like […]