Will we ever be internet famous?!?


Hello and thanks for checking out the “official” blog for the Pixel Dreams podcast! I don’t know how you got here, maybe you found us randomly, maybe you’re looking at this in the future after we’ve reached the pinnacle of internet retro video gaming podcast fame (retronauts anyone?). Regardless, in this first post i’d like to direct you to our very first podcast episode, as well as give some general background on who we are and what we’re trying to accomplish.

It seems the standard for video game podcasts as of late has been 4-5 guys huddled around a microphone, drinking shitty beer and yelling over each other while trying to argue the merits of Cool Spot as a solid franchise game. We strive to bring you a simple, concise, and most importantly, fun podcast that stays on topic and keeps bad inside jokes to a minimum.

This first episode focuses on the following topics: ShadowDancer, Clayfighter 63 1/3, the dual identities of video game companies like Wisdom Tree, most notable for their hit Bible Adventures. We also touch on video game sequels that actually surpass their predecessor, a strange japanese Megaman 2 hack, and Simpsons Arcade!

So what are you waiting for? Check out our first episode already!

Episode 1


2 Responses to “Will we ever be internet famous?!?”

  1. Congrats on the new podcast! The first episode seemed pretty slick; certainly more coherent and less mumbly than my own, and a nice, diverse mix of content. Word up on Doremi Fantasy! I don’t know why that thing wasn’t released for the SNES. One thing about Wisdom Tree: you seem to doubt the sincerity of the move to Christian games, but I think at least some staff members were committed to the idea of religious video games. I understand that the CD employee behind the concept was a Sunday school teacher. And the current WT owners are definitely serious born again types.

    A funny thing about Acclaim: Despite their bad reputation now – and the fact that everyone hates their NES games – back in the 80s, they were very well respected by others in the industry. It was founded by guys with a lot of experience in the field; their games sold extremely well, and they were probably given favorable treatment by NOA. During the chip shortage, Acclaim was one of the few publishers allowed to supply their own chips. Not to mention the fact that NOA let them exceed the 5 games/year limit with LJN.

    Bonus fact: After Acclaim bought LJN, Jack Freidman, head of LJN, left and founded THQ, who of course also went on to produce countless terrible licensed games. It must have been in his blood.

  2. Thanks a lot! I’m a big chrontendo fan. interesting tidbits about LJN and Wisdom Tree, I actually found an article the other day that alleged that the president of wisdom tree was actually the “serious” christian (one of them anyway), and actually destroyed color dreams games? haha, but yea acclaim was definitely treated well by nintendo, despite some of the general crappiness of which they were responsible. but thanks for reading!

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