Pixel Dreams: Episode 4 Complete!


The format of Pixel Dreams affords us the opportunity to shine our flashlight on the broadest or most narrow of topics spanning video game history. This week, we get specific and expunge the thick mists of time surrounding noteworthy developer Treasure, of Gunstar Heroes(yes!), Ikaruga(woah!), and McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure(uhh…) fame.

Hardcore Gamers Rejoice!

Rounding out the show is a veritable bounty of retro topics, including the VC releases Sonic and Knuckles and Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom. We discuss the eagerly anticipated Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, a 13,000 dollar NES cart(!) and review Ninja Cop (GBA), Pulseman (GEN), and Gyruss (NES).

Episode 4 track listing:

Sonic and Knuckles – Minor Boss Theme

Gunstar Heroes – Boss 4 Theme

Radiant Silvergun – Debris

Ducktales – Moon Stage

filed by Eric.


4 Responses to “Pixel Dreams: Episode 4 Complete!”

  1. 1 qaylIS

    Hey guys, really nice podcast, but is there any possibility you could find a mirror so the listeners could download it, and not have to depend on iTunes?
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. 3 tetsujin42

    Minor complaint about the podcast, you claimed that Bangai-O was a licenced property, just want to point out that it isn’t, and it’s completely awesome, one of Treasure’s best, you should really give it a try. Also the Bleach games are pretty good from what I hear. Other then that, good podcast.

    • Thank you for the comments! Yes, the Bangai-O thing was a minor slip, you are correct that it is not a licensed title. We would have covered that along with other games such as Light Crusader but due to time constraints we were selective in what we spoke about. More than likely such games will be reviewed or covered in some other way in the future.

      I played one of the Bleach games and seeing as it owes a lot to Treasure’s Yu Yu Hakusho (another game we skipped over) I enjoyed it. We just try and steer away from covering any DS or other current gen games unless its something like Megaman 10. – eric

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