All day I dream about synergy


soles made of neapolitan ice cream

I’ve always found it funny how our modern culture revels in nostalgia; thrift stores filled with irony-hunting hipsters, college dorms plastered with posters of films they’ve never heard of. Hell, even shag carpeting is having a resurgence! Save the cries of hypocrisy, obviously we are implicit in glorifying all things retro where video games are concerned, albeit for substantive reasons.

It is in this spirit of revival that Adidas has brought back it’s “ZX 500” brand of shoes, which were popular in that most revered of decades, the 80’s. It’s not the shoe thats interesting however, companies can always be relied on to recycle popular products, its what comes with the shoe: a PC game called ZX Runner, which is based on the shoe.

The game is packaged in a USB-wrist band (one hyphenated word I had never planned on typing) and graphically the game looks like it could of been made on the Atari 2600. Unfortunately, not much has been released in the way of extended game footage or screenshots, but a pretty underwhelming teaser video has been released. Obviously we shouldn’t be expecting much from an “neo-retro” game based on a shoe, but I hope other companies will jump on this gamer-pandering bandwagon for the sake of hilarity. Who knows, there could be a 7-up game in our future…oh wait.

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2 Responses to “All day I dream about synergy”

  1. hey guys, really love the podcast, just wondering if there is anyway I can download episodes 1-4, because for some reason, there is no way of downloading it, keep up the good work

    • 2 Drew

      Hey man, I just kind of randomly checked our blog and saw your comment. As you know, we’re longg dead, but I can send you the old episodes. We just didn’t want to pay for the hosting. Send me an email at, since i’ll probably forget to check back here.

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