Technology be damned! Pixel Dreams returns!


Hello? Is anyone there? It’s been 2 months of silence here in the semi-hallowed virtual halls of the pixel dreams compound, and we’re glad to be back! This weeks episode asks the broad question “What is the state of Retro?”, where is this nice little niche we’ve carved for ourselves going? This issue is especially relevant with the recent influx of ports, remakes, and downloadable content into the console marketplace. Is our resurgent love of the classics doomed to the bowels of reactionary capitalism and blatant consumerism? Will we receive an enhanced, HD resolution, 2.5D facelift to the Bubsy series in the near future?

Enough blathering, here’s our new episode. I can already hear the faint typing of angry fingers in the distance.

Episode 8 – Re-shelled


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