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Hello? Is anyone there? It’s been 2 months of silence here in the semi-hallowed virtual halls of the pixel dreams compound, and we’re glad to be back! This weeks episode asks the broad question “What is the state of Retro?”, where is this nice little niche we’ve carved for ourselves going? This issue is especially […]

Episode 5 has arrived right on schedule! As usual, Pixel Dreams is available via iTunes, downloadable from here, or streaming from your browser. This week we change gears and dial it all the way back to 1979 to discuss the most intelligent video game console ever produced: Mattel’s favorite son, the Intellivision. We pour over […]

The format of Pixel Dreams affords us the opportunity to shine our flashlight on the broadest or most narrow of topics spanning video game history. This week, we get specific and expunge the thick mists of time surrounding noteworthy developer Treasure, of Gunstar Heroes(yes!), Ikaruga(woah!), and McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure(uhh…) fame. Rounding out the show is […]

After braving the biting winds of technical difficulties, Episode 3 has been scuttled out to sea. This weeks show concerns the short rise and quick death of FMV games, their connections to 3D gaming, and a few 2D franchises who failed to make the jump to three dimensions. Also featured are reviews of El Viento […]

Episode 2


Episode numero dos is now online and available for your listening to pleasure and/or harsh critique. You can either find it via the iTunes store or right here. Topics for this episode include retro plagiarism, games that rip off such retro classics as ZELDA, MARIO KART, and COMMANDO (among others), as well as reviews of […]