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Natsume is a developer mostly known for their modestly popular Harvest Moon franchise. However, back before their talents were corralled within the Farming Sim genre Natsume was a fairly prolific NES and SNES developer who produced some very solid titles. Games such as Pocky & Rocky (SNES), Abadox (NES), and The Ninja Warriors (SNES) were […]

It’s time to channel that dormant little shithead in all of us. We all have an impish bastard buried beneath the mire of office chairs, alcohol abuse, multiple choice questions and workforce malaise. Their cries of disbelief at the severe difficulty of LEVEL ONE, the entire dollar they had to pay for the added immersion […]

Dude, I am so amped to hit those primo heavies at the pipeline! I’m gonna hit that barrel hard, ya know, get right up in that tube action and shoot the curl! This is the heathen dialect of my most hated of “extreme” sub-cultures, the ungodly surfer. Part frat boy, part slacker, and all annoying, […]