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Hello internet denizens, this is just a quick post to discuss the state of the podcast. Yes, we are still intending on making future episodes, but the laptop we record on had beer spilled on it. Lame excuse I know, but I expect us to be back up and running in the beginning of May. […]

I’ve always found it funny how our modern culture revels in nostalgia; thrift stores filled with irony-hunting hipsters, college dorms plastered with posters of films they’ve never heard of. Hell, even shag carpeting is having a resurgence! Save the cries of hypocrisy, obviously we are implicit in glorifying all things retro where video games are […]

Hello and thanks for checking out the “official” blog for the Pixel Dreams podcast! I don’t know how you got here, maybe you found us randomly, maybe you’re looking at this in the future after we’ve reached the pinnacle of internet retro video gaming podcast fame (retronauts anyone?). Regardless, in this first post i’d like […]